I wrote this in 2005 along with Untitled. Subject was Xavier and Johan.


Peace is a desire
forgotten by chaos
Yet only creates it anew
Forgiving and acceptance
must replace arrogance
thus the desire to learn
will rekindle and
it’s flame will burn the festering
emotions that give power
to laziness hate and lies

The time of rebirth has come
It has been too long
since the last time
these wings have tasted
the sweet ecstasy
of the passing breeze
Too long since the soul has
meditated in black and white

The beautiful reflection of life
The unspoken beauty
makes one practice
as if it were a religion
For sometimes
one wishes to only
go deep into themselves
violate the emptiness
and create it anew
to forget the body
To accomplish something
that traditional practices
don’t allow but
attempt to accomplish

The pen will bleed once more
on the virgin paper
The brush will caresse it
Darker shades will stain it
Colorless stones will dance
on a floor made of
stained Oak
Celebrating the begining
of a new war

A war inwhich there is
no man or woman
pen or paper
existance or emptiness
chaos or order
Where there will
never be heard
the cries of humans.


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