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Blood Brother

My brother
A man that I helped shape

He puts the needle in
The veins where he poured his love and envy
Swelling with forced euphoria
His defiance killing a person that I was robbed from knowing
God stands watch
The silent sentinel
Winding along the path of time
We can no longer tell what formed the hatred

So he puts the needle in and we can’t tell if it was even hatred to begin
Everything twisted upon itself mirroring humanity’s history
Our collective diseased tree

So he puts the needle in
A Slow death
Delayed rebirth
A person, a stranger that I never knew


The salt seeps in the tumbleweed’s tendrils
Solitary gaps between breaths leads it astray
The light comes and goes along its path
Lost its roots long ago
The wind toys with its destiny now
Simple and free but it desires more
In its death we only glance at its journey
But we know not where it was born
Where it has been and where it will finally rest
Perhaps one day
When life slips away so easily for some
It will be remembered

So it is as pieces gliding across a chess board
The Queen surrenders to pawns
Those she toys with and kills alike
While her King silently plots her fall
When she is weak he will set the pace
And he will remember
Salt melting and crystallizing on
Perhaps he will wonder
When the wind toys with dark hair
That he can not forget
Perhaps he will regret
Perhaps then he will tumble

Mirror Me

I let it happen
I am a wraith
flitting through the empty rooms of my life

The face that peeks at me in passing mirrors
I do not dwell on it
Sometimes I recognize her
The woman looking back at me
But she is not who I remember she is supposed to be

There is a well of dull light within the reflection’s eyes
It echoes the deep anger, hate, resentment, and humiliation
that are a coiled ball of darkness within me
Sometimes that is the only way I recognize myself
I have always said that my eyes were my best feature

But there is the old determination and defiance behind it all
It is what drives my daily staring contests with myself
It is what drives me to understand her – the woman in the mirror
reconcile with her
the free spirit still slumbering inside me

Fear 5

I've seen the forgotten end, and becoming,
of the new world,

Whereas these nights, become the epitome of a
  shadowed destiny
Marked by agony, trailed by deceit, and redeemed
  through destruction,
As visions guide my way to the man-made Hell
  I forged within my cell
Thy carnage will ensue, the wrath I was 
  accursed to, and given to by subterfuge,
this blood-written oath I vow to you, by the
  black vines of malice that tear within my soul,

Breathe within my carcass life so I may take again,

By extinction, eradicating the festering pustule of
by descension, I spiral down into the coals 
  of death
by possession, I reek of corroding steel
by obsession, I drench below your entrails

The Secret

Men who wear their souls
around their necks
marvel at its beauty
its simple truth

isn’t it nice to always see people
as they were when they left

look behind you
look besides you
the angles points above you
the demon points under you
“where is he?” they groan

Groans of pleasure that binds hearts forever
“forever and for always,” songs from the graves of children

Stop looking at me with so many questions
Stop making me answer them
Hide behind the sun
Smile for me with empty eyes
Shelter the information we shared
But don’t turn them into secrets
My words aren’t sacred

There are words that are left behind in transit



O drifter, nobody knows your name
the road is your home
no town is the same
the loneliness that creeps in your bones never turns your eyes to stone

O drifter, nobody knows your name
across frozen rivers and rising mountains
your heart they can never tame
into sprawling metropolises you stumble surrounded by buildings rising like titans

O drifter, nobody knows your name
hunting eagles, perching vultures, grazing prey
they have eyes for you only and it’s just part of the game
but you still can’t stay

O drifter, nobody knows your name
the world sings and you alone hear its melancholy
during the desolate nights with darkness as your mane
your sorrow is your only folly
O drifter, nobody knows your name
O roadwarrior
whitline chaser
O ghost with no place
O drifter with the forgettable smiling face.

The Need

Whisper of the wind across closed eyelids
Gentle glide of invisible fingers making grass sing
Nightmares in green
All they ever wanted to be was free
Perils of the mind match the gale
Naked land, naked heart
Soothing flood healing ravaged landscapes
Drowning smiles in empty skulls
Grass humming its song beneath the waves
One like all the rest
No melody, no harmony
Claim it

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