Process of Creation

Collaboration this time with John Stepp. It was an impromptu and spontaneous writing session with us exchanging lines. My intent was to describe the game of GO and he just brought my idea so much life.

Lacquer painted lines
the vicious kind
dull blade marking virgin wood
bleeding a tidal wave of desire
misshapen grid soaking in it’s discharge
wallowing and wailing for more
cracked stones floating on the surface
giving it awareness
revenant awakening
intent becoming clear
prey drawing near
attacking the weak underbelly
free bleeder bottom-feeder christ believer
Abraham grinning in his grave under the waves
cloaked in the veil I will dispel the illusion
invasion of the mind, dead thoughts dead stones
dead flowers bloodwine all mine
grimy wallet hidden behind smiling eyes
eyes so divine that enterprise can’t hide