Ok June 05, 2011, 09:22:47 PM

It seems that for some people when they say they will keep communication, it means silence for months then sudden communication, then no communication at all again.  Then there are those that distance themselves without a word of warning or a reason.  Distance makes it harder to communicate really, but it’s something that’s also occurred in person (as opposed to online only) as of late.

Today was the last straw because I was promised something this weekend that never came.  It’s the idea of hoping for it but it never coming that leaves room for disappointment.

In other aspects, things have not been going well with another friend.  Apparently worrying and caring about events in their life means that I wish for them to be always cheerful for my benefit.  To be honest, the insinuation is more hurtful than the act of cutting me off.  It implies that I don’t actually care about the person, just how they make me feel or what they can do for me.  This was one person I wasn’t going to step away from despite my shitty experience with people the past six months.

Today turns out to be a wonderful fucking day indeed.