Collab with Black Moor.

In this corner, we shall see who the strongest is
tea of rust in cups of jade littering the tile
in fields of bodies cascading over their tombs
a barren sigh distilling moans of semantic overtures
all the while, the synapse change forms a sea of suffocation
decietful blood pouring down gauged cheeks
agitated, egregiously worship those graven eyes
asphyxation of neurons, delta alpha waves
our consecration, consumed into “the hidden”, hypostasis
orange tinted hemoglobin under watch and under care
a taste is such sweet sorrow, savored
like the sudden embrace of the starving
thrust into rigor mortis as designed
shades of monoxide engulfing craven hearts
Blind to solitude, deafening screams
quagmire of notes polluting broken hands