Following The Herd

Collab with Randall.

Matted twig nest digging into collective consciousness
of black widows brains vultures lay their eggs to bloom?
To die or birth and have forth those who keep their kin-mind
while scorning their flesh-kind
treading in trenches on bleached stumps
scalding acrid bile of their world scarring sanity’s logic
so scar the world!
Let relative sanity and sweet, sugary bile be our sacraments,
our unholy articles of faith
faith in the lymphocytes that engorge the raging gash
or in the absurdity of the articles themselves
hail the lycan-souled! hail the uncontrolled!
Let our testaments be blood, our prayers be claw and tooth
clawing our way to darkened wailing leeches
in the cacophony of shadows