Collaboration with John Stepp.

Embedded disease futile to reprise
Blissful host life seeping away
Decay and fade to the dirge
Consciousness flowing into a sea of wires
Cascading desire permeating this mire
Invisible fingers grasping for a breach
Though out of reach, still they seek
The objects of desire, none has seen
Believe and you shall receive
Lies and spiritual rape
Rue the day that the dead wake
Zombies murmuring the word of god
Woes of the begotten run red
Soaked dirt breeds mockeries of life
Usher in the dark with fire in the night
Creation of envy and hatred
Taste the fruit and kiss the snake goodnight
While whispering bloody fairy-tales into the vastness
I gaze bleary-eyed into the mouth of madness
And refined madness glares back at me
Sneak attack weakens the sane
Well, sanity is highly overrated
Let’s celebrate the insane.
Hold their misdeeds and triumphs on an alter
Cut me deep and watch it free
Pleasure in liberation