We Will Conquer The World June 14, 2011, 05:28:31 PM

Shit with [redacted] really kicked off and so did my writing.  I got C[redacted] of [redacted] and Middle-Eastern bands [redacted] and [redacted] (before I made contact with any of the members) to thank for killing my writing hiatus last year.  Their dedication and passion to their music revived something in me.  Getting to know people from the latter group only helped to fuel me onward and so those two bands will forever have my unyielding support no matter what (including personal issues yes).  Similarly, K[redacted] of [redacted] and [redacted] (they know who they are, I’ve run out of creative nicknames at the moment) have been great motivators in my personal and impersonal writing endeavors.  Two of the first people to feel something from my writing without any background story and give emphatic support in every way.  I never knew what that felt like until then.  It’s a feeling that makes your insecurities die off for a moment or two as they rave about lines that you thought were the most unimaginative and meaningless drivel a human could write.  Those two people also have my support till I either keel over or go clinically insane.  Whichever comes first.

[Redacted] though has fed me in ways that surpasses what I can do in the writing world.  The feeling that I can do whatever the hell I want if I’m dedicated enough has been renewed by ten-fold.  It’s not so much the verbal affirmations (though they do spoil the shit out of me), but their actions.  Asking me to help with concept art literally had me drawing and doing visual art outside of web-design for the first time in nearly five to six years.  Me being around them in their struggle to produce their art inspired and motivated me on the deepest level.  Helps that they’re an amazing individual as well.

Two other pertinent supports have been present through the ride via Facebook and this, along with K[redacted] and N[redacted], makes me glad I gave the stupid social networking crap a chance.  One is a wonderfully intelligent and strong woman named M[redacted] and the other is a fellow awesome New Yorker named D[redacted].  Most people on this growing list surpass me in age and experience so much so that it amazes me sometimes how I have room to even teach them anything newand worthwhile.

A mention should go out to: M[redacted] who has amazing music taste and helped connect me to the stoner, sludge, and doom underground on a more personal level.  The band [redacted] from Singapore with awesome members that support my zine and writing.  Truly good and kind people.

[Redacted] is my new writer for [redacted].  His passion has brought life to the zine at a time where I was losing some faith in the project.  Wasn’t going to stop writing reviews, was just going to end the site.  Didn’t see any purpose in having it up if it was just me.  May as well post shit on my blog like I was before.  His writing style is a little rocky but I plan on taking him under my wing and teaching him what I’ve gained and learned this past year.

I’ve grown a lot and now it’s my turn to inspire change.  It’s more than a pleasure to help those that are willing and having the same fire grow into their full potential.