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Throwaway Incomplete 2

Compelled to wander the inner mind, explore where no other creature can reach. Caress and violate the most intimate parts of the psyche. Cosmogasm, the first leg of the journey, is defined by the initial euphoria of progress. Entry is always hectic and the passenger always half-afraid, body language laced with panic, eyes filled with unfulfilled expectations. The chaos of daily thought patterns passes through our traveler like waves racing towards a faraway shore.

Throwaway Incomplete 1

If only you knew what color the sky is in my world. It is always the same wherever I go, same stories different faces. Crouched deep with my own mind. Always too busy reflecting or daydreaming to take in the humanity around me. So bored of this muted world, but wanting to experiences so much more of it. MY heartbeat is in-tune with the beat of life’s drum, The beating of our hearts is the blood flowing withing the world’s veins and the fire that lights my eyes feeds off it. Passion like a shot of adrenaline making my hands shake in anticipation of the unknown, the conquest over fear and convention. When the cage of obligation nearly closed its..