Return of the Church February 17, 2010, 09:49:03 PM

Today is an odd day.  I have hardly had sleep due to many factors, one of which being my bed.  My neck is rather sore because of it.

Cuttlefish drive has been broken in nicely….

A few days ago, I finally cut into putting my books away out of those boxes and some other shit like my papers.  I put all of those in a plastic blue container that I had some of H[redacted]’s clothes in.  Basically it’s my medical, schooling and bank records.  Some personal crap in there but not much.

I also put up the articles I said I would.  Nothing spectacular.  More for record I suppose.

I might have to take down those vidoes that I have in the Video section.  Will leave the ones of me since it’s my place and all.  Rest will simply be removed and perhaps uploaded to my youtube account.  I’m keeping the Kentucky Fried sections with sex in them out of protest of youtube.  Yea.  That’s right.  Fuck you youtube and WMG.

And fuck you foamy for being a hypocrite.

And I swear H[redacted] pisses a lot on purpose just to get me away from the keyboard.

Currently waiting for stuff to finish transferring to Cuttlefish from Roberta so that I may burn update to the Retail version of Windows 7…which I bought..with….

Zappa is the partition that Vista and 7 are programed to automatically create for system recovery files.  The drive that it is on is Eda (C:) as is the case with Joey.  But Joey was created by accident when I finally got to installing Windows 7 right.  Hendrix is installed inside my computer’s case with Eda.  It is the hard drive from my old Pentium III Dell computer.  Cuttlefish and Roberta are two internals installed externally on docking bays.  My other external, Fryface, was disconnected so that I could hook Cuttlefish up temporarily.


Joey – what I named my first pet rabbit at six years old.  I then named the only parakeet I cared for Joey Jr.  After his death, I have named no other pet with that name.

Zappa – Frank Zappa.

Hendrix – Jimi Hendrix.

Eda – CIA agent that went undercover as a Catholic nun at a church that acquires and sells illegal firearms.  From the anime/manga Black Lagoon.

Roberta – bad-ass terminator maid from Columbia.  She can survive direct contact with explosives unscathed.  She can run as fast as a speeding average domestic motor vehicle.  She can jump from building to building with no effort.  She can effortlessly lift a weapon as heavy as Sera’s from Hellsing.  She’s crazy and she would probably either make Alucard come instantly or piss himself.  Roberta.  She’s the shit.  From the anime/manga Black Lagoon.

Fryface – Russian mob head that basically made her division into a well trained army unity.  Makes sense since they all served under her in WWII.  She’s blunt and very cruel.  From the anime/manga Black Lagoon.

Cuttlefish – B[redacted] adores them.