O drifter, nobody knows your name
the road is your home
no town is the same
the loneliness that creeps in your bones never turns your eyes to stone

O drifter, nobody knows your name
across frozen rivers and rising mountains
your heart they can never tame
into sprawling metropolises you stumble surrounded by buildings rising like titans

O drifter, nobody knows your name
hunting eagles, perching vultures, grazing prey
they have eyes for you only and it’s just part of the game
but you still can’t stay

O drifter, nobody knows your name
the world sings and you alone hear its melancholy
during the desolate nights with darkness as your mane
your sorrow is your only folly
O drifter, nobody knows your name
O roadwarrior
whitline chaser
O ghost with no place
O drifter with the forgettable smiling face.

The Need

Whisper of the wind across closed eyelids
Gentle glide of invisible fingers making grass sing
Nightmares in green
All they ever wanted to be was free
Perils of the mind match the gale
Naked land, naked heart
Soothing flood healing ravaged landscapes
Drowning smiles in empty skulls
Grass humming its song beneath the waves
One like all the rest
No melody, no harmony
Claim it

Fear 3

The concrete assembly of minds keeps the world at bay. Ceilings of glass make rationalizations in the hopes of finding a week one to pluck from the trusses. Wedding rings constrict their binds on fingers too big to hold them with ease. The moon stays silent in her judgment of us all, but surely she is smiling tonight. The rain melts down steel rails fill of her released desires and how can we help but kneel before her innocence. If only abandonment were an option and the truth were the law of the land. Fear, hold me close tonight upon your purity of purpose and song. For without you, I would be alone.

Fear 2

Too self-absorbed to look at the stars. The clouds and the mysteries of the world beyond hold no interest to me, the ever vigilant observer. The child sleeps as I make my escape into myself. Lost within the void of the road. She bows her head in supplication to a creator that despises her. She knows. Because of these lips, full and lush. Cascading auburn locks that glisten with morning dew. Hips and long supple legs that tempt men to sin. Eyes that can haunt their dreams. She knows. As sure as a new generation is to be born to carry burdens of their parents and those before them. Armies will rise and fall for her, but with buried resentments and expectations within their hearts. The world is mine and I know it. If she doesn’t need it, then neither do I. Our chains reinforced by the voices within clamoring for supremacy. They know.

Fear 1

The book will unfold with every letter you take with each step. Stars bloom and unravel before you. Eyes roam the ground in search of where you will go. Hands trace the gravel to where you have already been. The pages always a step behind. Running in the world’s oceans to escape what should have been. Never learning to swim. To explore what already is. To hope is to die. To share is to be alone. A child lost in the ashtray at the foot of God’s throne. Apathy devouring rage. Storms raging in your heart pulling passerbyers into their destructive spirals. When will it end?

Not a nightingale. Do not pretend to need a heart that can not mend. Go away.

Throwaway Incomplete 2

Compelled to wander the inner mind, explore where no other creature can reach. Caress and violate the most intimate parts of the psyche. Cosmogasm, the first leg of the journey, is defined by the initial euphoria of progress. Entry is always hectic and the passenger always half-afraid, body language laced with panic, eyes filled with unfulfilled expectations. The chaos of daily thought patterns passes through our traveler like waves racing towards a faraway shore.

Throwaway Incomplete 1

If only you knew what color the sky is in my world. It is always the same wherever I go, same stories different faces. Crouched deep with my own mind. Always too busy reflecting or daydreaming to take in the humanity around me. So bored of this muted world, but wanting to experiences so much more of it. MY heartbeat is in-tune with the beat of life’s drum, The beating of our hearts is the blood flowing withing the world’s veins and the fire that lights my eyes feeds off it. Passion like a shot of adrenaline making my hands shake in anticipation of the unknown, the conquest over fear and convention. When the cage of obligation nearly closed its..


We get our kicks from imaginary beasts
In our past time we let them feast

Acknowledgments for The Sin of Greed

To all those who have supported my writing over the years and now, I thank you. Without you, I would not have grown to where I am now. It is unfortunate that due to the nature of this work, I can’t name you all here. Know that I never have forgotten any of you even if we have severed ties.

About The Sin of Greed

This book goes out to anyone struggling with the tyranny of religion and tradition in their daily lives. This is to remind you that you are never alone.

“why talk about all
the known and the unknown
see how the unknown merges into the known

why think separately
of this life and the next
when one is born from the last”

-Rumi, Fountain of Fire