International Women’s Day March 08, 2010, 03:51:23 PM

Even though women’s lives have changed from how they were a century ago, there are still many changes needed to improve their lives especially in developing countries. Some societies still believe it is right to treat women as the inferior sex and even in developed countries; women still have a long way to go before they can catch up with equality in wages and in business environments.

The media has put even more pressures on the modern woman to look and behave a certain way and we have young women who suffer health problems to try to look like their size 0 role models. It is a sad fact that there is always a new benchmark for women to match up to before they feel accepted. Maybe they are their own harshest critics and to move forward women have to accept themselves beyond looks and society’s limitations and focus on health, education, political and social issues that affect them and above all they need to celebrate how far they have come from their sisters a century ago.

Nevermind the fact that we as women create double-standards as well.  Criticizing not withstanding, we also tend to do to each other what we don’t want men to do to us.  Women get up in arms when they are referred to as whores and bitches by men in casual conversation….and yet they call each other that.  It’s the same bullshit hypocrisy as the whole black people saying nigger/nigga versus other races saying it.

Another thing that gets me is the whole freedom of dress bullshit.  Those women referred to in the article fought hard to be considered seriously in the work force.  We’re a joke because we feel “empowered” by wearing clothing that draws attention to certain aspects of our anatomy.  We feel “empowered” when we use our boobs/ass/legs as a weapon to get what we want versus using our head.  Because of morons that take the easy way out, the ones that try to actually perform their jobs, to the best of their abilities, are actually social outcasts.  Seen as geeky, unattractive, someone to be used and trampled upon, etc.

Think of it this way.  You know how some men wear those skin tight pants or jeans?  Yea.  Draws a woman’s attention to certain..”assets” don’t they?  Exactly.