Hand of Glory: The Outline March 31, 2011, 05:37:54 PM

Notes for a piece I want to write. I am hoping that I can first write it out in prose, arrange it in a lyrical format, and then write music to it.  Depending on how much I can write, it could be as short as an EP or I could even manage to stretch it out into a full-length album.


Florida strangler fig.
It’s seed falls into the canopy.
It grows.  It overcomes.
It suffocates its most hospitable host.
And it flourishes.


Florida strangler.
Burglar, steals into the house in the dead of night.
The daughter screams at the sight of him.
He panics, strangles her to death.
The house awakens, the father in pursuit.


The townspeople catch him.
Laterns aglow in the swamp.
The rope is fixed onto a fig tree.
The strangler’s spine snaps, his feet twitch.


A thief.
The midnight hour. Black sky.
The fog lies in the swamp.
The thief takes out his knife.
Cuts off the offending, sinister hand.


Spanish moss.
It tangles with the fig.
It grows.  It overcomes.
It suffocates.
The flowers come into bloom.