Complicated Shit July 01, 2010, 08:24:22 PM

Yeah, so I think that I’m somewhat comfortable with how the site turned out visually.  Then again, there’s always shit to nitpick about so I won’t get into that in particular.

I’ve just been floating around the net adding shit to the links section and just downloading shit.  Recently got a Pandora account which I would not of liked to do because it has ads on it.  It also doesn’t house some artists that I listen to on it’s “genome” project.

Other recent shit includes B[redacted] shacking up with a chic from his job.  Very white and stereotypical I guess.  Got into a talk with J[redacted] in the recent week.  Since I don’t really give a shit about what he thinks about me or just about what he thinks in general, we had a disagreement.  Basically, I confronted him on his shallow bullshit and then he started to do his refrain-from-say-shit-to-seem-nice routine.  He basically got the message that I don’t really give a shit and blocked me.

It’s really refreshing when people pop back into my life to remind me of the reasons why I nixed them out in the first place.  Can’t believe I actually cared about the asshole and hung on his every word like a desperate moron.  I guess I really was that lonely and in need of validation of some sort.

Would also like to add that me and Ben did some Jack Off Jill listening last night.  Been awhile for some songs and he played the bass guitar riffs for the songs.  I sang along.  We had an interesting duet overlaying the music playing from the speakers.  Also did some Type O Negative, mainly Black No. 1 (Miss Scare All) version.  Ended up discussing how little bass is present in most metal genres like thrash, death, etc.  Gothic metal seems to always win on that account since even old doom lacked in bass.  It really wasn’t because of song writing, but more because of shitty recording methods.  Bass is usually hard to pick-up, especially in older times, with do-it yourself recording kits.  Bass is also very present in grunge outfits.

I’ve always liked the sound of bass, just never really knew the name of the instrument or the fact that it was being intentionally produced by a specific person using the instrument.