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We get our kicks from imaginary beasts
In our past time we let them feast

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Video 7 May 07, 2011, 10:49:03 PM

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Video 6 April 14, 2011, 02:52:47 AM

How I felt in regard to the issue of religion between me and my family. Unfortunately, my mother believes I hate her because of my last blog post which mentioned her. Contact has been severed once more, probably for good this time. Just as well, religion was driving us apart again.

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Video 5 March 31, 2011, 06:28:56 PM

The point that is made in this monologue is one my main reasons for leaving religion for good.

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Video 4 October 03, 2010, 09:52:24 AM

I want to see this movie.

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Video 3 September 05, 2010, 04:24:10 AM

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Video 2 February 17, 2010, 09:04:51 PM



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Video 1 February 15, 2010, 12:06:43 PM

Today, I’ll finally man up and do those articles.  Heh.

Might also look into the space issue with this damned hosting service.  Fine-print and all that.

For entertainment purposes:

Quote from: Major’s Speech

Comrades, I love war. Comrades, I love war. Comrades, I really love war!

I love extermination battles. I love blitzes. I love slugfests. I love defensive battles. I love siege battles. I love breakthrough battles. I love rearguard battles. I love cleanup battles. I love evacuation battles.

In the prairies, in the streets, in the trenches, in the fields, in the tundra, in the desert, on the sea, in the air, in the mud, in the bog. I love all and every act of war taken in this world.

I love the salvo of infantry lines in battle, blowing the enemy up in 1 thunderous roar! Watching the enemy getting thrown high up into the air and blown into bits by gunfire makes my heart dance.

I love it when the Tiger, the tank soldiers use, destroys the enemy tanks with its 88mm. I felt wonderful when I mowed down the enemy with my MG (machine gun), as they jumped out of the burning tank screaming!

I love it when the foot soldiers mount their bayonets in the same direction and trample the enemy line of battle. I even felt touched when new recruits in their panic, stab the already-dead enemy soldier over and over.

I just love hanging the defeatist runaway soldiers from the street lights! With a wave of my hand, the screaming hostages killed one after another with the Schmeisser, making a metallic sound that is just wonderful! The ecstasy when the poor resistance movements stand up to fight with their assorted pistols and then the Dora’s 4.8 high explosive shell blows them and their city to smithereens!

I love it when the Ruskis (Russians) armored division messes with me. It’s very sad to see the towns you were supposed to protect get breached and its women and children raped and killed. I love being crushed by the amount of resources the English and Americans have. It is an utter shame to be chased by Jabos and run, scrambling on the ground like insects.

Comrades, I seek war. I seek a war that is not unlike hell on earth.
Comrades, those that follow me, the Battalion Comrades. What do you seek?
Do you seek further war?
Do you seek a shit-like war with no mercy?
Do you seek an all-out war that rages like the Sturm-Krieg and kills the crows of three thousand worlds?

*men and officers of the Battalion*
Krieg! Krieg! Krieg! Krieg! Krieg! Krieg! Krieg! Krieg! Krieg!

Fine, then Krieg it is!

We are a fist that we’ve clenched with all our might, about to strike down! But an ordinary war will not satisfy us anymore after we have endured for half a century in this darkness.

A full-scale war! An all out full-scale war!

We are barely one battalion, less than a thousand troops remaining. But i believe you all to be veteran soldiers who each are a match for a thousand. In that case, you and I make a total strength of one million and one.

Let us wake those bastards that forced us into oblivion and are now fast asleep. We will grab them by the hair and drag them down. Force their eyes open and remind them.

We will remind them of the taste of fear!
We will remind them of the sound of our march!
We will remind them that there are things between heaven and earth that they cannot possibly understand. I will burn down the earth with a Kampfgruppe of a thousand vampires.

That’s right. That’s the light of Europe that we have all been waiting for. I have brought you all back as promised.

To that nostalgic battlefield.
To that nostalgic war!
*men and officers of the Battalion*

And so the Seelowe (Sealion) has finally crossed the sea and climbs onto land.
This is a message to all Millennium Battalion personnel. This is an order from the battalion commander!
Now comrades, let’s raise hell.