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Daily Links 1

Imam proposes that opposition to the Mosque near Ground Zero is for Political benefit
Bongos Bass & Bob’s music on
Kill Your Idols (2004 Documentary)
Hardcore Punk on wikipedia
No Wave on wikipedia
Somedbody7100’s youtube channel which has Food Network shows uploaded
ugEXPLODE hosts an assortment of No Wave geared websites

An Finished Film
Rock Era Online Maganzine centering on the metal scene in Egypt
Mosque Violence in NY State
How Has the Internet Helped Humanism?

Goth Girl series.  Funny show.
Subersive A.D. band page.

Real Punk Radio a hardcore punk radio
ChroniX Radio hard rock and metal radio
Revitalize The Scene for supporting local bands
TorrentDay private torrent tracker
Desktop and Sideshow gadgets for Windows 7
Rarewares for downloading codecs and other things
subtitles biggest subtitle database online

Soft Focus on VBDtv
Metal Rocks
Shadowscapes Fantasy Art
New York No Wave Archive
List of hardcore bands
Domestic Genocide radio
How to make a radio station with shoutcast
PCSX2 Playstation 2 Emulator
Christ, It Works For Everything

Desktop Wallpapers –
PuerToRiCaNBoii212’s Channel
The Sailor Moon Super Senshi Playground
Sailor Moon Games Archive
SEED Magazine
Gameternity Image Hosting
Graphicshost Image Hosting
Anime Shippuuden
Free Rock and Metal Download