Birthdays and Other Mishaps September 05, 2010, 06:06:57 AM

Today is H[redacted] birthday.  Unfortunately, we are tapped out of money but I plan on taking him out for some time today to walk around.

D[redacted] won’t be around for his second birthday but it’s just as well.  I need to actually sleep but that movie “The Girl Who Played With Fire” disturbed me too much.  It wasn’t really the rape and torture in the movie that bothered me so much.  What really got me was the discussion that Lisbeth had with her dad.  The dad kept on referring to her mother as a whore and that bit of conversation ended up concluding with the father saying something to the effect of:

“Think what you want.  She was a whore.”

It got me because my father used to call my mother that a lot.  My mother hated being called that the most because her father used to call her that too.  My mother was anything but a promiscuous person.  My father was her first and probably will be her last.

She asked him many times to not call her that but he still did it.  Again and again.  Oh well.  I need to sleep eventually.