Biography Project and Friends March 16, 2011, 09:51:25 PM

I have been writing numerous music reviews as of late.  One of the reasons for that is because I have been recruited to write for two blogs full-time and a metal webzine part-time.  DM[redacted] is one of the blogs where I am already contributing to.  A button on my main page’s sidebar has been added to reflect that.  The other blog is PR[redacted] which is ran by EL[redacted] from blip.  For that particular project, I am waiting for him to get back to me on guidelines and other technical stuff before I actually post.  The webzine gig, MM[redacted], is mainly just Middle Eastern and African metal band reviews whenever the guy who runs it feels in the mood for it.

One a more personal front, I have decided to undertake a autobiography project after some thought and a request by R[redacted] from Florida for me to be in her documentary.  She is currently collecting life-stories of people that have dropped out of different religions and cults one way or another.  I was perplexed on where to actually start and how to actually write it.  Finally decided to record it using my Rock Band microphone and the Windows 7 recording program.  Since I can’t really embed audio files in my post, I made a video out of part one of my recorded autobiography.  The images before the space photos are old scans from artwork that I did in my early to late teen years.  Two of them are more recent but it’s not important which ones really.  The last picture is my son because I miss him.

Some “technical” notes: my narrative is atrocious and the audio volume varies depending on how worried I am about people being able to hear me breathe at that particular time.  Also, the mob’s family name that I forgot is Gambino.