Best Day..Ever February 12, 2011, 12:00:43 AM


Also, the meeting with my dad was fucking awesome.  He seemed to be genuinely happy to see me.  I learned about my great great grandfather, Hassan El-Iskafy who was a revolutionary that fought against the Turks.  His struggles and contributions were recorded in a history book written by a famous historian from Cairo.  The book is titled “The History of Egypt” and the author’s name is Gamal [something].  Thing is about my family name is that it  was originally El-Iskafy before a judge changed it to E[redacted] because there was another family in Monufya with the same last name as us.  Basically, it was done to avoid confusion.  My father had told me when I was about six years old to not tell anyone about that and I never understood why until now.  Our family is originally from Old Cairo.

My father also told me about the creator of the “What Khaled Said” Facebook page and how the man was pissed off about the government and how he began to set things in motion.  He told me the man’s name and occupation but I forgot it.  I will have to ask him again tomorrow when we meet again.

Tax money came in so I bought a whole bunch of shit for the house and some stuff for my enjoyment like a new TV, screen, computer, printer, docking bay, dishes, some games, and music.

All that’s missing is something to keep our papers organized, a coffee pot, a percolator, pasta pot, and a gate to close off the kitchen from Heem.

EDIT:  I remember the man’s name and occupation.  It’s Wae’l Ghounaeim and he worked as a representative of Google in Egypt.